IEMS Journal of Management Research

Journal Policy

  1. Focus and Scope
    The IEMS Journal of Management Research is quarterly(earlier bi-annual till the year 2022) online subscription-based journal dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of management. The journal welcomes high-quality empirical, conceptual, and review papers from diverse management disciplines. It aims to be an intellectual platform for knowledge exchange, encouraging interdisciplinary research and promoting professional management practices.
  2. Publication Frequency
    The journal publishes four issues per year, maintaining a regular quarterly schedule.
  3. Types of Contributions Accepted
    • Empirical Research Articles: Original research articles presenting empirical findings and data analysis in management-related fields.
    • Conceptual Frameworks: Articles proposing innovative and purpose-driven solutions through academic research.
    • Review Papers: Comprehensive reviews synthesizing existing literature and providing insights into management topics.
    • Case Studies: Action-based research articles addressing real-world business issues and offering practical implications.
    • Analytical and Simulation Models: Contributions involving mathematical and simulation models relevant to management.
    • Short Communications: Brief research communications reporting on significant findings or developments.
    • Technical Reports: Articles presenting technical advancements and methodologies applicable to management research.
    • Book Reviews: Critical reviews of recent publications relevant to the field of management.
  4. Manuscript Submission
    Authors can submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission system. All submissions undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure quality and originality.
  5. Peer Review Process
    Reviewers evaluate the submissions based on scientific rigour, significance, originality, clarity, and relevance to the journal's scope.
  6. Editorial Independence
    The editorial board maintains complete autonomy and ensures fairness, transparency, and impartiality throughout the publication process.
  7. Special Issues and Conference Publications
    The journal may occasionally publish special issues dedicated to significant management topics or conference-related publications that align with the journal's aims and scope.
  8. Copyright and Licensing
    The journal holds the copyright of the published work. Authors are granted necessary rights to use their articles for personal and professional use but are required to seek permission for any commercial distribution or reproduction.
  9. Subscription and Access
    The IEMS Journal of Management Research operates on a subscription-based model. Institutions, libraries, and individuals can subscribe to access the journal's content.
  10. Ethics and Plagiarism
    The journal upholds the highest ethical standards and expects authors to adhere to guidelines regarding plagiarism, data manipulation, and ethical research conduct.
  11. Indexing and Archiving
    The journal strives for global visibility and accessibility and endeavours to be indexed in reputable databases and archives to enhance the discoverability of published research.
  12. Editorial Board and Reviewers
    The journal comprises a diverse and eminent editorial board along with a panel of expert reviewers, ensuring a high standard of scholarship and expertise.
  13. Publication Ethics and Corrections
    In cases of errors or misconduct, the journal will promptly investigate and issue corrections, retractions, or clarifications as necessary, in line with ethical publishing practices.

The IEMS Journal of Management Research is committed to fostering innovation, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and contributing to the continuous advancement of the management field. By disseminating high-quality research and facilitating knowledge exchange through its subscription-based model, the journal aims to become a leading publication in the realm of management.